NEW IN 2018

Fabriano Mixed Media Pads

An Acid Free 250g/m2 paper with a natural grain surface in A4 and A3 pads with 40 sheets glued along the short edge.

Sheets are also available in 50x65cm in packs of 25.

Fabriano Black Black

The deepest black 300g/m2 heavyweight paper in pads of 20 sheets. Sizes from 20x20cm to A2 are available.

Sheets ate also available in four weights between 280g/m2 and 680g/m2 in a size of 50x70cm packed in 10s.

Fabriano Unica Pads

A soft internally sized printmaking Fourdrinier made paper that has been found ideal for several drawing techniques.

Consisting of 50% cotton acid free paper in 250g/m2 the pads are glued on the short edge and contain 20 sheets.

Sheets are also available in three sizes in packs of 10, and additionally in a cream shade. See our Printmaking and Book Papers.

Millford Blocks

A hard sized cold-pressed 300g/m2 paper, specially manufactured to have the same technical and watercolour painting characteristics as the discontinued Whatman paper.

Mould-made from 100% cotton and internally sized, a block is now available in 23x31cm (9x12ins) and the sheets are unwatermarked and cut 4 edges in packs of 10 or 100.

Mixed Media Glued Pads

A woodfree, acid free white matt surface 300g/m2 paper in A size 30 sheet pads suitable for many drawing techniques.