Awagami Factory

Located in the heart of Japan's Tokushima Prefecture, Awagami Factory has been producing high quality fine art papers since the 18th century. Under the guardianship of eight generations of the Fujimori family, this mill now produces specialist inkjet coated versions of their traditional washi papers.

Characterised by their softness and strength, we are excited to bring these papers to market in the UK and Ireland.

 Minoru Fujimori
Minoru Fujimori
Sadly passed away in May 2015 after running the business since 1945



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Awagami Bamboo, Awagami Bizan Medium, Awagami Bizan Thick, Awagami Inbe Thin White, Awagami Inbe Thick White, Awagami Kozo Thin, Awagami Kozo Thick, Awagami Kozo Double Layer, Awagami Mitsumata White, Awagami Muakumo Kozo Select, Awagami Premio Kozo White, Awagami Premio Unryu, Awagami Unryu Thin, Awagami Shiramine Postcard, Awagami Pro Sample Pack.