Produced in extremely light weights these Japanese papers have a subtle beauty which is difficult to convey in a picture alone. The careful pulp preparation results in a long fibre length which lends an exceptional strength to these papers given the light weights. For decorative or functional purposes these papers make an excellent choice for those seeking something special. Ask your local retailer for more information, or contact us on +44(0)207 407 6474 to find out where you can purchase your chosen paper.

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Lens Tissue 609140, 609141R, Kizuki-Kozu Roll 623470R, Maruishi 624061, Gifu 625160, Gampi 626101, Tosa Washi 632180, Kawanaka Ivory 632221, Kozo Natural 632461, Okamoto Gasenshi 634490, Shoji 634870, Atsukuchi 635931, Tenryu 664550, Hakone Unryu 664650, Unryushi HS 671250, Yuki 671470, Tenjin 675451, Tengujo 825508, Kawashi 825517, Sanwa 847/7.