Digital Inkjet Guide

The increasingly widespread use of digital inkjet printing for domestic and commercial fine art uses has led us to add the Awagami, Canson Infinity and Hahnemühle Digital ranges to our longstanding Somerset Enhanced, Photo Inkjet and Bockingford Inkjet products in this category.

This wide choice of fine art paper supplies is now available in bulk and in numerous formats from one London UK location, allowing rapid and economical distribution of assorted orders to be made to destinations within the UK, the EU or further afield.

Handling Digital Prints

Traditional watercolour, printmaking and etching papers have in recent years been adapted for inkjet printing by the application of complex coatings to one or both sides.

The St. Cuthberts Mill have created some handling notes which are summarised here.

The Canson Infinity website has a useful Frequently Asked Questions section on their new Digital Fine Art site.

In addition, there is an independent report on handling issues relating to inkjet papers by Mitsubishi Paper Mills click here.

ICC Profiles

ICC profiles and paper presets will enable you to maximise the print quality and accurately reproduces the original colours, by calibrating the printer settings prior to printing. Because each paper has a slightly different shade, surface structure and reacts differently, it is crucial to use the setting that is specifically designed for this paper.

In this video Canson® Infinity Photo ambassador Robert Rodriguez Jr, explains why ICC profiles are arguably the most important part of color management and how to use them properly to get the best print results.